The Heritage Studio

Salvaged materials, vintage design and religious flair for Servomuto handmade lampshades

«Excess, contrast and alteration, going through the hands of an anarchist upholsterer, bring light to “the good things of bad taste”» (Servomuto blog)

All Saints collection, made of religious holograms and brocade

The story of Servomutoallsaints6

Settings: Lecce, nowadays

Main characters: graphic designer Alessandro Poli and architect Francesca de Giorgi

Plot:  The duo takes inspiration from vintage forms and a privately-owned archive that dates back more than 50 years. By combining the old style design of lampshades with unusual trimmings and salvaged materials such as army blankets, theater curtains, vintage wallpapers and linen Servomuto comes up with amazing reinventions of the past.
All pieces are unique and proudly hand-made in Italy. Servomuto also collaborates with innovative artists commissioning provocative images that are then screen-printed onto fabric.

Ex-voto collection, vintage votive offerings

Lucky Garden collection, made of precious antique hand painted luggage lining combined with the fabrics of the Venetian house Fortuny

shades made of salvaged materials (vintage printed linens or wall papers) and reproductions of archives from the 18th century

Easy collections

collaboration with Borsalino at Pitti Uomo 2013


to know more: Servomuto

photos via Servomuto and Pinterest

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