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Loui Jover’s drawings on pages of vintage books

ink2The Story of Loui Jover

Settings: Queensland, nowadays

Main Character: Loui Jover,  graphic designer, illustrator, artist. 

Plot: Loui Jover creates delicate artworks by using pen and dripping ink on sheets of vintage books paper. He favors women’s faces, tracing their emotions and sensuality with a trait that recalls the one of another master of “ink ladies”, Milo Manara. Jover uses vintage book paper because he believes that it adds to the fragility of the works, saying “the wind may blow them away at any moment” . The way drawings and pages meet in the final work is never thought through, images just “collide as chance permits, any meaning they may have is purely created by the observer and their own imaginings.” (Saatchi)

Loui Jover’s work can be purchased at Saatchi Online

Images via My Modern Met

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