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Caitlin Freeman’s Modern Art Desserts

“We keep two worlds in mind [art and food] and see where they can cross over.But I don’t ever want to recreate a piece of art. It’s our interpretation of it” Caitlin Freeman (in The Huffington Post)

The story of the Modern Arts Desserts MAD_cover

Setting: San Francisco, nowadays

Main Character: Caitlin Freeman, pastry chef for the Blue Bottle Cafe on the roof top of SFMOMA

Plot: Inspired, nearly obsessed by Wayne Thiebaud’s paintings, Caitlin Freeman became a pastry chef, conceiving the Thiebaud’s inspired cakes while working at her patisserie, Miette. She started to think about creating art inspired desserts in a larger scale when she sold her participation in the patisserie to work as pastry chef for her husband’s cafe, the Blue Bottle, on the roof top of the SFMOMA. Given her unique situation, being surrounded and inspired by works of art everyday , and thank to her creativity and great knowledge of pastry techniques, she is able now to design desserts that reflect what is actually on display at the Museum. For each new show, a new cake is being created.  Her book, “Modern Art Desserts”, where she reveals some of her recipes and secrets , will come out on April 16th. 

Wayne, Thiebaud, Display Cakes, 1963

Jeff Coons, Michael Jackson and Bubble, 1988

John Zurier, Arabella, 2005

Luc Tuymans, St.Valentine, 1994

Tony Cragg, Guglie, 1987

Rineke Dijkstra, De Panne, Belgium, August 71992

Mark Bradford, Strawberry, 2002

Richard Avedon, Ronald Fisher Beekeper, 1981

to know more Blue Bottle Coffee

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