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Lotus Arts de Vivre, gem of Thai craftsmanship

During the time I spent living in Bangkok I got the chance to collaborate with an amazing brand of luxury handcrafts and jewels, Lotus Arts De Vivre. I fell in love with the style, luscious and polished at the same time, which somehow reflects that of Thailand as a whole. crocodile_lotus


The story of Lotus Arts de Vivre 

Setting: Bangkok, nowadays

Main Character: Lotus unique luxury items are inspired by the rich culture and artisan traditions of Thailand and combined then with contemporary design. Each piece is individual, distinctive and unique, instantly recognizable and collectible. Each creation uses local material, stones included, and all pieces are handmade

Plot: Helen Van Bueren started creating these precious pieces of art as a hobby while her sons were away to study. Helen’s unusual designs quickly caught on among her circle of friends in Thailand and abroad and became an unexpected success. The company is led today by her two sons, remaining a family owned business.dog_lotus


In addition to these art objects, Lotus designs fine accessorizes and  jewelry pieces.

To know more: Lotus Arts de Vivre

Some items can be found online at Couture Lab

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