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Frédérique Morrel and the reinvention of vintage tapestry

When I bumped into Frédérique Morrel artwork while browsing Elle Decor magazine I thought there couldn’t be anything else more fitting in my blog than this amazing French lady who rescues vintage tapestries and needle works by turning them into sculptures and home furnishings.

“We create artifacts to re-enchant our world” in Frédérique Morrel philosophy

“My Dear” , the Visitors Collection

The story of Frédérique Morrel frederique_morrel3

Setting: Paris, nowadays

Main characters: Frédérique Morrel and Aaron Levin, husband and partner

Plot: Morrel was moved to create her first artwork after she found out that her deceased grandmothers’s needlepoint was thrown away in favor of more reputable artworks. She got obsessed with the idea of making it come back to life, in new shapes, returning new value to it. This led to the launch of a line of  products based solely on vintage and recycled material.She uses fiberglass taxidermy molds, covers them in vintage tapestry and then finishes them all off with real antlers. She gets her inspiration from the symbolism behind the Garden of Eden and the Original Sin and with her work she investigates the contradictions of dualism in its different shapes (man vs woman, craft vs industry,man vs animal,..)

from the Visitors collection: Colonel Dard Antique, Bonny and Dr.Zhivago

from Passe-Mouraille Collection: Audrey Hepburn and Venus de Milo

home furnishings collection

whimsical family: Frédérique Morrel  with husband Aaron Levin and progenyfamily_morrel

to know more about Frédérique Morrel magic world: Frédérique Morrel

Photos via Pinterest

Credits: Stephanie Hoppen Gallery

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