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Bill Gekas: a photographer’s tribute to Old Masters

“Don’t be scared of taking certain elements from different works and molding them into something to call your own..the key is not limit yourself with the excuse ‘it’s all been done before’ ” Bill Gekas



billgekas_cherriesThe story of Bill Gekas ‘ portraits

Setting: Melbourne, nowadays

Main character: 5 year old daughter of photographer Bill Gekas, portrayed in the styles of  the Old Masters

Plot: Using his daughter as the model, photographer Bill Gekas reproduces the settings and styles of timeless masterpieces. Rembrandt and Vermeer among his favorites. He tries (and he succeeds) not only to to recreate the environment and costumes to fit the time period but also the lightning style, peculiar to the painting techniques of those great masters. His technical skill and original approach ensured him several photography awards, in reason.The little girl looks cuter than ever.





to know more: Bill Gekas

credits: My Modern Met

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