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Anthony Peto, chapelier terrible

I remember walking the roads around Les Halles with a friend a few years ago and entering by accident the playful, hats-crowded atelier of who seemed to be a “mad hatter”. I fell in love with the design, the unusual combination of fabrics and colors, helped my friend choosing a hat and saved in my wallet the pink flyer I was given. A place and a name to remember. At that time I didn’t know I had bumped into the atelier of the well-known, star-system followed millinier Antony Peto.
“Hat wearing is an expression of attitude and I always try to examine the different nuances: cocky shy, faux modest, devil may care-devil will care!” Anthony Peto


Anthony Peto hatThe Story of Anthony Peto

Settings: Paris, nowadays 

Main Character: British born, Paris based Anthony Peto is a an inspired chapelier who launched is own label back in 1992. He has gained a strong celebrity following with his signature style, which combines traditional hats with contemporary fabrics and bright colours.

Plot: Anthony Peto’s hats are known for their extraordinary classical construction complemented by distinctly modern flares and fabrics. Each hat is handmade at the Peto atelier in Paris.  With irreverent and witty designs, Peto sets out to make hats fun and appealing to a young, trendsetting market. His bestsellers include a modern interpretation of the Top Hat, Boater and Trilby.


The Atelier in Paris, Rue Tiquetonne

Spring/Summer Collection

Anthony, chapelier terrible and the atelier’s flyer

new collection available at ModeWalk 

photos via Pinterest, Polyvore, Chic and Geek


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