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Venini Bolle bottles: gem of vintage glassware

“..material always entails opportunities-it is as if it urges one to create something out of it” Tapio Wirkkala (Design Museum, Helsinki)VENINI-BOLLE-Tapio-Wirkkala-bearbeitet


The Story of the Bolle Bottles:

Setting: Venini Glass Furnace, 1968

Main character: Tapio Wirkkala, sculptor and finnish designer (1915-1985), worldwide know for the design of the Finlandia Vodka bottle

Plot: Born from the collaboration between Tapio Wirkkala and Venini, the Bolle bottles were created by using the “Incalmo” technique wherein two different types of glass, worked separately, are fused together to obtain, within a single object, separate areas differentiated by colors.

Bolle bottles featured in artsy Brooklyn loft

They might have been inspirational for the stunning work made by Fabio Novembre last year for Venini, Happy Pillsdezeen_Happy-Pills-by-Fabio-Novembre-for-Venini-1

but this is another story..

the whole selection of Bolle bottles is available at yoox

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