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Le Furlane, the gondolier slippers

We have just entered the era of the slipper and we must get ready for it!aaaaa


The story of the Furlane

Settings: Friuli and Venice, end of World War II

Main Character: The perfect eco-friendly shoe. Furlane are made of old bicycle tires, used to make the sole, waterproof canvas jute bags, transformed into effective pads , and cloths from old clothes which become the uppers.

Plot: Used by peasants in the nearby countryside these ultra comfortable slippers spread rapidly in Venice where gondoliers began to wear them, finding their rubber sole perfect not to ruin the paint of the gondolas. Chosen by icons of style the likes of Giorgio Armani and Lapo Elkann, they recently became a must-have for fashionistas and trend setters around the globe.

photos via tumblr

To know more : Piedaterre Venice

A narrower selection is also available online at Super Store

5 thoughts on “Le Furlane, the gondolier slippers

  1. In venezia for 2 weeks February/march2013 heard about the furlanes so wanted to buy a pair as a reminder of the trip visited Dittutra in Dosudoro venezia where we stayed lovely friendly shop keeper came away with a dark green pair of furlanes not because of the trendy tag but pure comfort not expensive & lots of bright colours wished I had brought back more

  2. I agree with you Anne, they are not just trendy but super comfortable! the comfort that comes from an old and wise design and quality heritage materials..priceless :)

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