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Timorous Beasties toiles de Jouy

“What we love about toiles is that they are traditional designs that have stood the test of time. All we have really done is re-interpret them so that they speak to us more directly in the present.”  (Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties)

NYC Toile

The story of the TB toiles de jouynew_york_toile_pillows

Setting: New York, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh

Main Character : Noted for surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers, the design studio, Timorous Beasties, was founded in Glasgow in 1990 by Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons

Plot: Instead of depicting poetic and romantic scenes from pastoral life as in the traditional Toiles de Jouy, in Timorous Beasties toiles urban life is the main character. With special attention to the dark side of it, from industrial architecture to smoky representations of social distress, like crime and indigence. The Glasgow and London toiles came out in the early years of 2000, Edinburgh was launched in occasion of the Festival in 2009, while New York toile was presented last September in New York.

London Toile

Glasgow Toile

Edinburgh Toile

More info at Timorous Beasties

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