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Wood and glass extravaganza, the work of Livio De Marchi

“Once upon a time, in the middle of a wood, there stood a cottage made from books where a joker magician lived who was able to turn everything into wood” from Livio De Marchi


The story of the joker magician:

Setting: Venice and surrounding woods ( especially a wood-made books cottage, shelter of the artist),nowadays

Main Character: Livio De Marchi, sculptor, craftsman, carver, artist, magician

Plot: when an incredibly talented carver has also an incredibly wild imagination , magic things happen. Wooden hanging panties, glass colorful balloons floating by the window,   painter bag and brushes carved with meticulous perfection of details. And a lot more. The work of Livio De Marchi has been shown worldwide and can be found in the artist’s studio in Venice. Just like entering the rabbit hole.

wooden painting brushes as seen in a parisien “hotel particulier” (in Elle Decoration, November 1996)

glasswork: gondolfiera, balloons and bubbles

the artist studio in Venice

Some of Mr De Marchi work can be found on sale at Mostly Glass 

Credits: Anne Bernecker, E-venise, Palazzo Pizzo

0 thoughts on “Wood and glass extravaganza, the work of Livio De Marchi

  1. Hi, Ihave seen this magnificant work scattered in Venice ,. Ijust loved the Big brushes & I was hoping that there might be a chance of sending to Australia. Please let me know if you can help , also the price of them & postage.
    Looking forward to your reply.

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