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“Teste di Moro” in Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013 Collection

I was amazed when the Dolce and Gabbana SS 2013 Collection came out: a feast of colors, images, fabrics coming from sicilian tradition and iconography.

Garments inspired to the famous “Pupi Siciliani” , puppets representing paladins of the sacred wars

Taormina cart artwork shaped shoes and accessorizes

“Teste di Moro” miniature earrings

I was even more amazed when I read that someone found the Teste di Moro inspired garments  offensive and racist , by recalling colonial times. Come on! It has nothing to do with that! The moor heads are a unique part of the sicilian ceramic pottery tradition and there is an intriguing story behind them which is worth being told and heard



Story of the “Teste di Moro”

Location: Kasla the arabic district of Palermo, year 1000 dc

Main Characters: Beautiful and honorable sicialian girl with long silky black hair and eyes that recall the colour of Mediterranen sea.Young and wealthy moor merchant from the nearby arabic region

Plot : A “moro” coming from the nearby arabic region falls for a beautiful sicilian woman, who lives isolated, and seduces her. She lets him seduce her and loves him back. When she finds out that he is about to leave her to go back to his native land, where his wife and sons are awaiting for him, she kills him by cutting his head. She then turns the head into a vase, full of plants and perfumed basil and she displays it on her balcony. This way he will stay with her forever. The neighbors, jealous of the beautiful vase, have it forged in different shapes and colors.

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